Wyre Borough Council

Great Wyre Jigsaw Project

The Great Wyre Jigsaw Project took place during summer 2006 and was part of a wider plan for delivering better public services across Wyre, Lancashire. The aim of the project was to find out how local people feel about living in the borough. Over 2000 people took part in a public consultation that was managed and facilitated by Pathways Consultancy. The results of this exercise were written up into six booklets – one for each regional forum of the Wyre borough.

Countryscape worked closely with Pathways in developing the necessary communication materials for the project. This included the production of consultation tools (leaflets, postcards, questionnaires, stickers, etc), as well as the design of project outputs, including a series of six booklets and a large format summary poster. Countryscape also produced a large, tabletop jigsaw for use at events (1.5m x 1m), comprising illustrated pieces that fit together to represent a ‘sense of place’.