Manchester City Council

Climate Change Action Plan for Manchester

Development of a city-wide action plan for climate change mitigation, which was originally produced in readiness for the UN Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen (December 2009).

Countryscape was contracted by Manchester City Council to manage the consultation and initial drafting phase of this work. The consultation programme involved facilitating a total of fifteen workshops, attended by a mix of technical experts, local community and interest groups, as well as individual residents. The aim of the workshops was to identify, discuss and gain consensus on detailed objectives and actions for inclusion in the plan. This involved leading participants through an extensive and diverse range of topics, from transport and buildings, to green infrastructure, energy generation and sustainable consumption.The consultation also involved organising two conferences: one to launch the project, the other to consult on the final draft prior to the summit in Copenhagen.

The Climate Change Action Plan for Manchester was praised at the summit for its successful engagement of stakeholders. Countryscape remains involved in helping to develop the action plan, which has since been re-named as 'Manchester: A Certain Future'.