Forest of Bowland AONB

Management Plan

Countryscape carried out a statutory review and update of the AONB management plan for the period 2009-2014, undertaken in partnership with Alison Farmer Associates. This work involved:

  • Design and facilitation of 11 workshops with local residents, community groups, businesses and AONB partner organisations
  • Compiling and interpreting the results of the consultation in the form of written reports
  • Carrying out a review of all relevant plans, strategies and policies (and updating the AONB’s objectives and actions accordingly)
  • Producing and circulating a draft AONB management plan as part of statutory consultation
  • Coordinating and actioning amends requested by consultees.

Countryscape produced the final AONB management plan as a published document, as well as developing an interactive management plan on the Forest of Bowland AONB website (also developed by Countryscape).

The interactive plan has proved especially useful in helping the AONB partnership to coordinate and monitor delivery of the area’s statutory objectives. The online plan is accessible to the public, which helps to ensure transparency in management of the area. AONB partners are able to log-in to the plan, search and organise its contents, create and update their own personalised 'action plans' and highlight projects that need attention. Partners can also use the plan to create instant progress reports (e.g. showing progress on selected actions over a given timeframe), which are automatically published in Microsoft Word format.

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