West Pennine Moors

West Pennine Moors Management Plan

West Pennine Moors Partnership - West Pennine Moors Management Plan

The West Pennine Moors is an area of ninety square miles of open countryside in Lancashire, comprising a patchwork of moorland, reservoirs, wooded cloughs and historic villages. The area contains a rich variety of natural and cultural heritage which is highly accessible to the surrounding towns and cities.

In 2009, Countryscape was contracted to develop a new 10-year management plan for the West Pennine Moors. This work involved:

  • Reviewing all relevant plans, strategies and other literature, to ensure the management plan was based on good practice and would fit seamlessly within existing management frameworks
  • Consulting with local stakeholders and involving them in developing the plan's core objectives, which was undertaken via a series of workshops and meetings
  • Drafting and publishing the management plan, including the coordination of feedback and final editing

The resulting management plan includes background information on West Pennine Moors and its special qualities, analysis of the key drivers for change affecting the area, together with a detailed action plan for implementation (containing strategic visions, objectives and actions).

A copy of the management plan is available on the West Pennine Moors website.


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