University of Manchester

Ecocities Annual Stakeholder Workshop

University of Manchester - Ecocities Annual Stakeholder Workshop

EcoCities is an initiative led by the University of Manchester and funded by Bruntwood. It seeks to provide Manchester with its first 'blueprint' for an integrated climate change adaptation strategy (due 2011).

Countryscape was contracted to facilitate a workshop with stakeholders as part of the EcoCities Annual Conference in 2010. The aim of the event was to discuss the challenges presented by climate change and explore ideas for how the EcoCities blueprint could offer solutions.

The workshop was attended by approximately 100 people from the private, public, academic and voluntary/community sectors. Emphasis was placed on encouraging participants to discuss climate change adaptation from their own different perspectives, which resulted in a wealth of insight and new ideas (over 650 comments were gathered in only 1.5 hours).

The results of the workshop were collated and analysed by Countryscape in the form of a summary report, which is currently being used to inform development of the blueprint. A copy of the report is available on the EcoCities website.