Forestry Commission

Newlands Scheme (reporting)

Newlands is a major, £59 million scheme set up to reclaim large areas of derelict and underused land across the North West and transform it into thriving community woodlands.

Countryscape produced an extensive range of communication materials for the consultation and reporting phase of the project, which was undertaken by Pathways Consultancy between 2008-2009. The consultation targeted local residents and potential visitors across each of the 11 Newlands sites.

This work involved the design and print of:

  • Promotional flyers, posters and invites, used to advertise the consultation
  • Workshop materials, including large format displays and informative summary sheets (providing an overview of each site)
  • A series of Social Indicator reports, providing summaries of the consultation results and key issues raised at each site
  • Additional communications for the Green Streets pilot project, which aimed to involve local communities in the process of planting street trees

Countryscape also produced a final report (and a more concise executive summary), which combined and summarised the consultation results from each of the 11 sites in a single publication. The final results were also summarised in the form of a poster, displaying the key findings from each location in a more visual and immediate format.

All of the Newlands materials were designed to be as widely accessible as possible, requiring a clear and “friendly” graphic style, suitable for all members of the community. Countryscape’s work on the project was praised by the Forestry Commission as an example of "good practice" in designing materials for community engagement.