Red Rose Forest

The Meadows Interpretation

Red Rose Forest - The Meadows Interpretation

Countryscape worked with Red Rose Forest (RRF) to create a richly illustrated interpretive display for The Meadows: a public green space on the banks of the River Irwell in Salford.

The site itself had, until recently, been under-used by both the local community and students/staff from the adjacent University of Salford. The display aimed to address this by highlighting the site’s abundant wildlife and opportunities for recreation; it also set out to provide a visible celebration of the place, with the aim of changing local perceptions and giving people greater confidence to use the site and make it “their own”.

The display itself was designed in the form of a visual timeline, showing aspirations for improving the site and encouraging its usage over the short, medium and long-term. This was depicted using hand drawn illustrations to help bring the display to life and tell the future story of The Meadows in a creative and engaging way.

Countryscape worked with artist Amy Russell to produce the display, which was installed in a custom-made lectern – made out of tree trunks – by sculptor Mick Burns.

This project also involved facilitating a workshop with local stakeholders to gain an understanding of the site and develop ideas for the display's content, design and manufacture.