Countryside Council for Wales

GIS Modelling Tool for Habitat Creation

Countryscape, in partnership with the University of Reading, developed a Geographical Information Systems (GIS)-based model for targeting habitat restoration and re-creation at the local scale. Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) was used to map landscape types across the whole of Wales. This work resulted in an important step towards developing a system that strengthens the character of Welsh landscapes and provides real biodiversity benefits, based upon realistic targets and in light of limited resources for habitat restoration and re-creation.

Client Feedback

The University of Reading is using the software and design skills available from Countryscape to add value to the landscape-scale habitat restoration model for Wales. It is anticipated that the model will have universal application and, as our understanding of the relationship between landscape spatial structure and biodiversity develops, the model will be refined with the potential for application across Britain. This is an important area of research and we are pleased to be working with Countryscape in what is a challenging and ground-breaking project - Dr Geoff Griffiths, Department of Geography, The University of Reading