Formby Civic Society

Formby Point Interactive Map

Countryscape have worked with the Formby Civic Society, using their local knowledge to develop an innovative, online tool for exploring the historic Formby Point area - amongst other things, the site of Britain’s first lifeboat station.

The aim was to produce an interactive walkthrough of a heritage trail around the site, using a combination of interactive maps and 360 degree panoramic photography. The resulting product allows users to gain a detailed visual impression of the area and learn about features of interest prior to a visit.

The interactive map was built from scratch using Adobe Flash software, allowing it to be easily embedded in a web page. Countryscape also undertook the necessary 360 degree panoramic photography used in the product, including the production of several High Dynamic Range (HDR) digital images.

Client Feedback

Anyone at all interested in local heritage is interested in maps and can spend hours over them. Conventional maps however do not usually enter into an interactive dialogue with the user. This is exactly what happens using Countryscape’s web viewer. It is a unique development surpassing conventional websites and booklets. The design of the web viewer enables even an inexperienced user to grasp its full potential very quickly. Digital projection onto a screen would facilitate very easy interactive use by a group. The smooth functionality of this software is both engaging and stimulating - Dr. Reginald Yorke, Chairman of the Formby Civic Society