Harpurhey Neighbourhood Project

Local Heritage Project: Moston Vale

A project to interpret and promote the local heritage of the Moston Vale area of North Manchester, in partnership with the Harpurhey Neighbourhood Project, Groundwork and the local community. This work involved producing a 40-page booklet and interactive CD-ROM, together with facilitating a series of stakeholder workshops. Content for the booklet and CD was sourced by the community and edited jointly by Countryscape. The CD contains an interactive map and timeline of the site, informative movies and a broad collection of interviews with local residents. Countryscape has undertaken a parallel project in the Saint Michael’s Flags area of Manchester.

Client Feedback

One of the great successes of the Moston Vale project was the way we were able to use technology to involve people. In all around 50 residents took part in producing content for the booklet and CD, with ages ranging from teens to 80s. We believe that all members of the group were given the opportunity to become as involved as they wished, and that all felt they had played a useful part in this rewarding project – Rob Barlow, Harpurhey Neighbourhood Project