GIS Training

Countryscape developed and ran a bespoke Geographical Information Systems (GIS) training programme for Groundwork Manchester, Salford & Trafford Ltd. The training was delivered by Countryscape's technical director, Jonathan Porter, to provide a solid grounding in the techniques of GIS data capture, digitising, analysis and outputting - all tailored to suit the specific, working requirements of the client. The training comprised weekly sessions on-site at the Groundwork office, combined with exercises linked to the participants' existing work, which helped to ensure that users gained maximum benefit from the programme.

Client Feedback

Countryscape is an innovative company combining technical competence with creative flair to give an excellent service. A primary benefit in engaging Countyscape has been the experience of working closely with the directors, Jonathan and Paul, who are able to provide a thorough yet flexible approach. This has resulted in a real sense of partnership in tackling projects - Neil Hewertson, Programme Manager, Groundwork Manchester, Salford & Trafford.