We have a proven background in managing successful consultations at every scale: from local events to national campaigns. Our experience includes consulting with specialist audiences, the general public, young people and disadvantaged groups around a wide range of issues.

Our approach focuses on accessibility and ease of involvement. We achieve this by using our creativity and understanding to communicate often complex issues with clarity and relevance, enabling participants to make informed choices and provide feedback in easy and convenient ways.

The techniques we use include facilitated events and workshops, doorstep and street surveys, questionnaires and interactive websites. We are also skilled at raising awareness of consultations and encouraging responses through our publicity and media relations service.

We have particular expertise in consulting with stakeholders around the following themes:

  • Parks and public spaces
  • Community planning and development
  • Climate change
  • Wildlife and habitats
  • Cultural heritage
  • Landscape and ‘sense of place’
  • Design and creative decision-making

Visit our portfolio for examples of consultations that we have managed.