Project Evaluation

We have a wealth of experience to draw upon when evaluating projects in terms of their relevance, design, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. This includes our own in-house expertise, together with that of our associates in relevant fields.

Our approach to project evaluation ensures a transparent and inclusive process, using our consultation skills to engage with both public and professional stakeholders, as required.

In general terms, our process includes:

  • Gaining an understanding of the project and the extent to which its original aims and objectives have been (or are being) met.
  • Reviewing the design and delivery mechanisms of the project.
  • Reviewing the longer-term aspects of the project and assessing progress towards the expected results in terms of changes to local knowledge, skills and motivation; the extent to which diverse activities are supporting the core aims and objectives; the extent to which the project is in keeping with the local landscape; the potential for long-term social, environmental and economic benefits.

We are also familiar with standardised evaluation methods, such as those commonly used by grant-funding bodies. Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements.