Interactive Maps

Interactive maps are a great way of promoting sites and services, as well as helping people to share information, visualise proposals and make their views known. They can be used to:

  • Bring places to life as part of interpretation projects
  • Advertise the location of sites and services
  • Consult with stakeholders
  • Help people to navigate trails and routes
  • Collect and share geographical information

We specialise in developing interactive maps that are accessible and simple to use: from customised Google maps, to more advanced products that can tailored to any purpose. Our creative and technical skills can be combined to cater for a range of requirements, including:

  • Incorporating audio-visual content, such as film clips, podcasts and panoramic photography
  • Linking maps into website Content Management Systems (CMS) and other databases, so they can be updated and managed in-house by our clients
  • Layering different types of map data, including aerial photographs, historic maps, Ordnance Survey and (free) open-source mapping

Visit our portfolio for examples of interactive maps that we have developed.