Scottish Natural Heritage

Talking About Our Place

Countryscape has produced a toolkit on behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage to encourage communities to get involved in the future of their landscape. The toolkit - called 'Talking About Our Place' - is fully self-led and designed to be used by community groups without the involvement of trained facilitators or other professional support.

The purpose of the toolkit is to help communities:

  • Explore what makes their place special (its 'sense of place')
  • Recognise the benefits they derive from their local landscape (known as 'ecosystem services')
  • Identify the issues which affect their place or may influence it in future
  • Use this understanding to shape the decisions made about how their place should be managed

The toolkit provides practical guidance and resources to assist communities in setting up and running their own projects. Resources include templates for project planning, 'fact sheets' explaining different aspects of landscape (in Plain English) and a handbook of different methods for involving all members of a community.

The 'Talking About Our Place' toolkit supports the European Landscape Convention’s approach of encouraging wider community involvement in decisions affecting tomorrow’s landscapes.

Click here to download a copy of the toolkit (20MB file - try right click, save as).

Further information is available on the Scottish Natural Heritage website.