The Countryside Agency

Landscape Character Assessment Topic Papers

Countryscape co-ordinated and edited a series of Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) Topic Papers, designed to support the LCA Guidance for England and Scotland (published in 2002 by The Countryside Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage). This work involved collating input and comments from a variety of professional sources, in order to bring together current thinking in each area.

Character Map of England

The Countryside Agency  - Character Map of England

In 2006, Countryscape carried out the cartography, design and print of a new Character Area Map of England. The publication was the first national map produced that showed the National Character Areas together with a clear topographic map, providing a powerful communication tool. The map was produced at A1 size, showing the extent of the National Character Areas and their relationship with landform and major rivers, major cities and towns, transport infrastructure and Government Office regions. 19,000 copies of the map have so far been produced and distributed.

Database of LCA in England

Countryscape produced an online database of Landscape Character Assessments in England, working in partnership with Diacono Associates and the University of Sheffield. The website features an interactive map, providing links to locally held information. This was the first time that such data had been collated and made available via the internet.

Whinash Windfarm Public Enquiry

Countryscape provided Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and technical consultancy to Alison Farmer Associates, who gave evidence to support The Countryside Agency's involvement in the Whinash Windfarm public inquiry in 2005 (the largest proposed development of its type in Europe). The project involved gathering evidence and producing large-scale maps and visualisations of the highest standard for use in the inquiry. The maps were supplied in electronic and high-resolution print format.