British Society of Soil Science

'Working with Soil' - IPSS Competency Scheme

Design and print of a series of Professional Competency briefing notes for the Institute of Professional Soil Scientists (IPSS), providing information on different aspects of soil science and surveying. The notes were produced in the form of high quality ‘info sheets’ and include a range of illustrative photographs, some of which were sourced by Countryscape.

This work also involved the design and print of a document folder (to collate and contain the briefing notes), together with a series of ‘pop-up’ displays for use at events.

Client Feedback

All I can say is wow! Once again you have excelled yourselves. Thanks so much for the Competency materials, they look absolutely brilliant. (Dr Kathryn Allton, Executive Officer, BSSS/IPSS

Brand Identity

British Society of Soil Science - Brand Identity

Countryscape worked with the The British Society of Social Science (BSSS) to fully revise and redevelop the organisation's brand identity.

The aim was create a strong and distinct brand, which would engage target audiences (primarily government and the global scientfic community) by portraying the BSSS as being a modern yet firmly established organisation. The resulting logo uses the letters 'BSSS' to represent a soil auger: a corkscrew-like tool, commonly used and well-recognised by soil scientists.